Olympic Lifting

Snatch and the clean and jerk are the true test of strength and athleticism. This class works on the skills and refining the technique needed to be your best. Athletes from other sports train in these lifts because of their functional movements and explosive strength which translates into a better life.



Strength, Speed, Flexibility, and Technique



Olympic lifts are explosive and give a total body work out. But what is more important is I teaches our body parts to work together to achieve a task. Plus the stronger we are the easier life is which makes it more enjoyable. Imagine more energy in your day so you have enough in the tank to go out on that hike with the kids instead of watching TV again.


Starting strength is the ability to overcome resistance and initiate movement. In other words it’s your get up and go. Olympic lifting teaches us this very useful skill. It has been proven that Olympic lifting even helps with running (at least the get up and go part or the first 15 seconds of a sprint).

Flexibility and Technique

Flexibility in life is very important. If you think of it we come into the world with full flexibility – Thus the saying flexible as a new born babe, and we leave this world stiff. I for one would rather be flexible. Not to mention that you get less injuries, you can do more stuff, you are stronger because a longer muscle is stronger than a shorter one.

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