Military, Police, and First Responder

Keep in shape to better prepare your body for the unknown and unknowable challenges that everyday work and life can create.



Your work is among the toughest in the world



CrossFit Southlands is a great place to keep in shape. Were not just talking about passing PT we are talking about Special ops fitness. One of our members went through Ranger camp and he said he had no problem handling the physical side of training.

Getting ready for Boot Camp

We always seem to have a few members looking to make boot camp easier or even to survive. We can help. We even have a special rate just for you young people. Just ask one of our coaches about it. During your Free work out with us.

Police and First Responders

You guys know that a command presents starts with how you look. Plus you routinely find yourself in very unique and surprising situations that make it hard to prepare for. That is why CrossFit is perfect for you. Everything we do is functional fitness which by definition we are training the body for the known and unknowable aspects of life.

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